About me

My name is Alex. I am a video game enthusiast who also develops games. My interests include a few things, such as video games themselves, programming, music composition, reading, and breaking things down to see how they work.

When I was a child I played a lot of video games, and over time the joy they brought made me want to make my own. While young I just drew up and planned ideas because that was all I could do, but as I grew I began to look into what work actually went into the creation of games. This meant learning more about computers than just clicking icons and having things happen, and seeing what considerations had to be made when designing and building the games themselves. I began with the basics and programs that simplified things such as Flash and began working up from there. As I began coding and working, I also discovered I enjoyed learning and discovering new things, which has contributed largely to me choosing to continue with it. Even things that are not directly related to games are interesting to work on, and to me looking at the inner workings and processes of video games and related programs is often as fun as playing them. Unfortunately constant wonder and improvement led to the abandonment of some projects to learn from new projects, but the process has always been enjoyable. I love puzzles, and software development is solving one puzzle after another to get the desired result.

While I enjoy many types of video games, a few in particular stand out to me. "Classic" games specifically from my childhood get my interest for two particular reasons: they are the ones I am most familiar with and can look into most deeply, and many of them are from the periods of time where technology was making huge transitions. This makes them perfect to play and examine for the sake of design and for how the developers of the time had to make do with the restrictions they had or learn the new resources as they became available. I can enjoy more modern games, but the memories of things like the first big 3D games, seeing how they dealt with the challenges of working with a third dimension, and watching the progression and refinement over time stick with me. In terms of genres I enjoy my favorites tend to be platformers, RPGs/Adventure games, and simulations, with multiplayer often being a plus.